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Dear GOP…

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Dear GOP: What did you expect?   We voted you into office to repeal Obamacare. What did you do? Passed the Omnibus bill that funded it and thought we wouldn’t notice.   We voted you into office for health care reform. What did you do? You stuck us with the exact same health care plan

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Starbucks and Christmas

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Ok, I wasn’t going to comment on Starbucks and Christmas and the whole coffee cup thing but I am now. Here’s what I’ve personally observed: I have yet to hear one of my friends tell me that they’re upset by this whole issue. I have 5000 friends on Facebook. Not one of them has posted

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8 Clearly Impossible

Christian Magician?!

As an illusionist, I will occasionally have someone ask me (very sincerely), “Isn’t magic evil?” or “Isn’t what you’re doing forbidden in Scripture?”  I lovingly explain the truth.  However, due to time constraints, I normally cannot go into great detail about what the Bible says about “magic.” In order to provide a resource to spread

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Chattanooga Strong

I have kept pretty silent about the tragedy in my hometown of Chattanooga this week. I was actually in Atlanta with my son when it all happened. I watched, as many Americans did, with shock and a profound sadness that I still feel in the pit of my stomach. What I am about to say

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A Christian Response to the Supreme Court Decision on Gay Marriage

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I posted this on my Facebook page and had quite a response so I decided to publish this here on my website too. It’s meant for Christians to read but I hope it will help bring healing and hope to all who read it. There are two possible Christian responses to this week’s decision by the

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Beware of the Snare!

  “But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33 As Christians, we’re to seek God first. Not what He can do for us, but Him. Not what we want, but Him. Not our plans, but His. This is a tough thing for lots

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History Lesson

George Santayana said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Joseph Goebbels said, “A lie told once remains a lie but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth.” I’ve been watching some history on Netflix: “Adolf Hitler and the Nazis”. It is sometimes unfathomable to me how someone like

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Self Governance

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Our Founding Fathers talked about “Self Governance” often. If you haven’t read this, you should. Our freedoms are based on this principle. It refers to our ability to govern ourselves, respect each other, respect the law and authority, and yes, respect God too. One of the fruits of the Spirit mentioned in Galatians 5 is

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Welcome to my new website! Here is where you’ll get all the latest information on what I’m up to as well as this blog which will give you some of my thoughts and dreams and hopefully inspire a few of your own. I’d love to hear from you. Stay in touch. If we’re not connected

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