Two Paths, Time to Choose

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Two Paths, Time to Choose

Today I’m home, sick. I’ve been contemplating what happened in our country in the 1970 and 1980’s. I’ve always loved Presidential history. I was the weird kid who would actually watch Presidential speeches when they aired. President Jimmy Carter in his “Crisis of Confidence” speech in 1979 told us that America was in deep trouble in an energy crisis and gave a bleak outlook for the next several years. He told Americans to quit seeking selfish abundance, learn to live with less, travel less, and conserve more. He said if we didn’t do what he was describing that America was in for a financial collapse. His solution called for Congress to empower the Executive Branch of our government (i.e. him) for mandatory conservation of resources. I am barely old enough to remember the long lines at gas stations and the “No Gas” signs. I remember my father going to get gas on certain days and being thankful we already had financed a home and feeling sorry for the people who had 18% home interest rates. President Carter admitted that for the first time in history the majority of Americans felt the next 5 years would be worse than the previous. His response to America was to ask America to sacrifice more and give the government more money and more control over our lives so they could “fix it.”

On Tuesday, January 20, 1981 I was also home, sick. That was the day Ronald Reagan was inaugurated as President. That same day the Americans being held hostage in Iran were released. It was quite a day. It was an historic day to watch the news.

I watched as President Reagan immediately brought an optimism and an infectious, unbridled belief in America. I heard him promise to cut the taxes of average Americans so they could keep more of what they earned and he was going to ask the government to learn to live with less for a change. He promised the dark days would go away not because of what he would do, but because of what he knew Americans could and would do. He made a statement that has stayed with me, “Government is not the solution to our problems, government IS the problem.”

He expressed a strong faith in the ability of Americans to work their way out of any problem as well as a deep and abiding faith in God to lead our way:

“Our government has no power except that which is granted by ‘we the people’.”

“Our federal government didn’t create the states, the states created the federal government.”

“Government must foster productivity, not stifle it.”

“We are not doomed to an inevitable decline.”

Carter said (just like Hillary said in her recent debate with Donald) in the 1980 Presidential debate that Reagan’s economic plan would result in 30% interest rates. Carter was wrong. Dead wrong. Ronald Reagan delivered on his plan and his promises. In the next 8 years, America experienced an unprecedented economic turnaround unlike any other time in American history. Unemployment dropped, the economy boomed, inflation drastically dropped, but, perhaps more importantly, the confidence Americans had in America soared. Americans turned from the dark thoughts of scarcity to the bright path of abundance and prosperity.

In the next 24 hours we will elect a new President. The two paths have never been clearer:

One path promises more governmental control over our health care. It promises “free” college tuition. It promises that the benevolent government will provide for everything we need if we just give them more control over our lives and pay them more in taxes. (After all, who wouldn’t agree that the government manages our money so well?!)

The other path, releases the burden of the government from our back. It cuts our taxes and cultivates growth in the private sector. It gives tax breaks to entities and people who actually create more jobs for Americans instead of raising those taxes to rates that only encourage them to leave the country and do business elsewhere. And while it doesn’t promise “free” things it does promise “FREEDOM” to every American to provide for themselves.

One path will lead us to economic scarcity and eventual financial demise. The other will lead us into abundance and prosperity.

One creates a society of enslaved citizens who are utterly dependent on the government for its basic needs. The other frees each one of us to determine our own destinies.

Nothing is free. Ever. Someone has to pay that bill and if history has taught us anything (see the City of Detroit for the most recent example) it has taught us that when the “wealthy” and “corporations” are taxed to provide those “free” things they simply move their business elsewhere leaving a once prosperous place filled with job opportunities, as a ghost town full of abandoned factories and houses and a city filled with crime.

I would remind us all of the words of President Gerald R. Ford, “A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.”

I would not have chosen either of the candidates running. Trump wasn’t my 4th choice and I’d have rather seen Bernie than Hillary. At least he’s honest. But the fact is in this election we have two choices who stand a chance of winning. One platform drives us further into our economic demise (for more information, see our 20 trillion dollar debt) and the other starts digging us out of the hole.

I also believe the time for 3rd parties is here, but they must be included from the beginning. Neither Gary Johnson nor Jill Stein will garner more than 10% of the popular vote. They won’t come close to winning. Neither will Evan McMullin. They don’t stand a chance. Your vote could make the difference in the financial destiny of our country as well as a myriad of other issues.

I urge you if you haven’t already: GO VOTE ON TUESDAY.

May God bless America, but may America also turn and bless God


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