About Ken

Ken HeadshotKen Hartley has been an award winning singer and actor on stage and screen since he was five years old. Ken performs as a professional illusionist all around the United States and internationally in Europe, South America, and Asia. His shows feature such effects as levitating an audience member, making a car disappear and reappear in the parking lot as well as making it snow in the auditorium! He learned his skills as an illusionist from some of the greatest illusionists in the world. He is considered by his peers to be a skillful and extremely creative performer. His presentations are theatrical, entertaining, emotional, fun, jaw dropping, motivational, and inspirational.

Ken also travels all over the world as a motivational speaker. He loves to encourage and challenge people to overcome obstacles and reach their full potential. He has spoken for crowds of 50 to 50,000 and never tires of watching people change and step into their God given destinies.

In addition to these skills, Ken competed at AMTC (Actor’s Model Talent Competition) in Orlando, Florida in January 2009. He won the Spirit award (for attitude) and the Grand Overall Actor Award and was signed by several talent agencies in Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee. He was also featured on the Speed Network show “The Fast Track to Fame” where he finished in the top three.

Ken’s full time job and calling is serving as the Executive Pastor of Worship at a 3000 member church, Abba’s House, (www.abbashouse.com) in Chattanooga, Tennessee. His solo singing voice has been featured on international television and he has led worship for such notable pastors as Ron Phillips, T.D. Jakes, Rodney Howard-Browne, and Rod Parsley. He makes his home in Chattanooga with his wife and four kids.