Beware of the Snare!

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Beware of the Snare!

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“But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33

As Christians, we’re to seek God first. Not what He can do for us, but Him. Not what we want, but Him. Not our plans, but His. This is a tough thing for lots of people, including me. I’ve struggled in this area. In life there are Kings and Priests. Priests are those who are in church or parachurch ministry. Kings are those who are in the world and business life. Each person has their own ministry where God has placed them but things become incredibly convoluted when a King desires to be a Priest or vice versa.

In the world, (often times) when a person promotes themselves they end up getting a new position or a new title. Sometimes when a person is working and doing well in one position they are promoted to a position they are not necessarily suited for. (If you’re a business management person, you’ll recognize this philosophy as the “Peter Principle”) Just because a person does well on one level in no way means they’ll do well on another. Maybe they will, maybe they won’t. But I do know this: IF there’s a chance of them doing well in the promoted position they will show clear signs of it in the position they are currently in by multiplying themselves. A true leader doesn’t vacate a position, they FILL it with someone they’ve mentored and then are promoted to a new one. Also, they should be evaluated in the new position solely on the criteria of that new position and not their previous one.

BUT in churches, I’ve become convinced that the number one obstacle to a person getting “promoted” is ambition. My Pastor preached about this last Wednesday night. The best thing a person can do is surrender to and accept what God has them doing and where He has them serving until He leads them elsewhere or He promotes them. The desire for more recognition or a greater position in a church or a “title” of some sort leads to a major snare.

I’ve seen it lead to rejection, hurt feelings, church hopping, and some even leaving church life altogether… all because they didn’t get their position or their stage time. Worse yet, I’ve seen where people didn’t get their desired result, so they go around authority and create their own path to their goal. Sometimes it’s very subtle but other times it’s wide open and blatant. This opens them up to all sorts of demonic influences in their lives. Church splits are born from such conflicts and unfortunately so are some church start ups. The sad part is the aforementioned approach can work well in the business world and has even become accepted practice, but in the church it has the opposite effect.

Most everything in God’s Kingdom works the opposite way of the world. Where you should hate, Jesus says love. Where you should be angry, Jesus says forgive. Where the world says strive to be on top, climb over anyone you have to in order to be the greatest, Jesus says being the servant of all is the pathway to greatness in His Kingdom. And in this case we’re talking about it’s also the opposite: Where the world says you should go up the ladder and promote yourself, Jesus says to humble yourself instead.

“But what if nobody ever notices me and promotes me?!” God is the One you’re doing it for. Keep your eyes on Him and allow Him to work His will in His time. ”

“But what about my goals?” Surrender them to God. Lay them at His feet and be satisfied in Him.

I write this today to encourage you to beware of the snare! Satan is tearing up too many churches and causing grief and conflict in people’s lives by individual ambition. Instead of wanting greater position or power, thank God for where He has you serving right now and for what He has you doing. If you’re a King then use that influence in your business and the prosperity He has given you to point people to Jesus and fund His Gospel. If you’re a Priest then serve, humbly and preach His Gospel. Don’t seek promotion, let God promote you in His season, not yours.

Luke 14:11, “For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”


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Anthony Maskell

June 14, 2015 at 7:59 pm

Good Word Ken…thank you!

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