Andre Kole
World Class Illusionist with Campus Crusade for ChristCreative Consultant to David Copperfield, Lance Burton, and Siegfried and Roy

Andre and Ken

Through the years my good friend, Ken Hartley, has perfected one of the most spectacular and effective stage presentations, using the theatrical art of illusion to present the reality of Christ. Don’t miss this opportunity to see this outstanding program of entertainment and inspiration as you experience illusions and reality presented in this captivating performance!


Walter “Zaney” Blaney

Magical Inventor, President Emeritus, World Alliance of MagiciansTexas Ambassador of Good Will

Walter Blaney and Ken and Megan

The laughter was joyous, the magic was performed to perfection, and the audience was totally spellbound. As a lifelong professional magician, & founder and President of the World Alliance of Magicians, I can speak to the competency of Ken Hartley magic-wise and entertainment-wise. But how Ken also shared his heart and his love for the audience, while giving total credit to God became the real magic of the evening. I hope your group will see “The Illusions of Ken Hartley.” I am happy to recommend it in the highest possible terms.



Michael Ammar

3 Time World Champion of Magic

Michael Ammar and Ken

Ken’s commitment to excellence has been an inspiration to me and to thousands of people who have seen his performances. After consulting with him on several effects I was proud to see the professionalism and respect he would bring to anything he decided to master. It’ll be exciting to see what astonishing things will happen next!”


Frances Willard Falkenstein

Famous Magician and Mentalist and Daughter of “Willard the Wizard”

Frances Willard and Ken

Both you and your daughters demonstrated the ability to execute the act in the most professional manner, and also exhibited a profound respect to uphold and preserve the magic and family history associated with “Willard the Wizard.”






Charlotte Pendragon

Generally considered one of the greatest female Illusionists of all time and Guinness Book of World Record Holder for the Fastest Metamorphosis switch

Pendragons and Ken

It is an honor to see my dear friends Ken and Megan Hartley perform the “Metamorphosis” in a way which would have stunned Houdini!