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I just watched with much dismay the remarks by Secretary of State Kerry concerning our country’s position on Israel. I have some thoughts.

1. By abstaining, you did vote. You even admitted it in your speech “We voted with the values most consistent with our beliefs.” Pilate also “abstained” from voting for Jesus, Mr. Kerry.

2. You have vehemently denied colluding with the enemies of Israel in Egypt on December 12 even though your schedule clearly shows you were there. What happened in that meeting? What was discussed? If it was all an innocent conversation, then why didn’t you address it in your remarks today?

3. You keep touting the “Two State” solution for Israel. Pressure has been brought to bear on the Obama administration to officially recognize a Palestinian state. Let’s go ahead and address this.

a. There has never been a “Palestine”. EVER. That name was coined by the British when they occupied the area. The Jewish people have NEVER been Palestinians. There is some debate about an Egyptian terminology of an area south of Syria but it is much disputed and unproven. Again- study history– There is not nor has there even been a Palestinian state in the history of our world. Period.

b. Israel (according to the Bible) is God’s chosen land and the Jewish people are God’s chosen people. There have been attempts by some to incorporate “replacement theology” saying Christians have replaced the Jewish people. It simply isn’t true nor is it Biblical.

c. President Harry Truman knew the Bible. He read it often. It was this background and the urging of his Jewish lifelong friend, Eddie Jacobson, that persuaded him to recognize Israel. The United States, in fact, was the FIRST country to officially recognize the state of Israel.

d. The Oslo Accords in 1993 gave away quite a bit to the Palestinians. It was hailed as a victory for peace and the participants received a Nobel Peace Prize. The guidelines of that accord have been broken. Nearly all of them– and not by Israel. This push for a two state solution is a rehash of what Jimmy Carter tried to do in the 1970’s (and failed miserably– look at it today)

e. In EVERY instance where Israel has given territory to the PLO it has only resulted in that area becoming war torn and sinking into squalor. In my trips to Israel I have watched with great sadness the areas I have previously been able to visit which used to be quite lovely that now look like garbage dumps.

f. The Palestinians continue to fire missiles into Israel. It is an almost daily occurrence these people live with. It is an accepted part of life that we in the the US will (I hope) never have to live with or understand. The Iron Dome keeps Israel (mostly) safe today. I have watched (in horror) these feckless cowards use children as shields and knowingly send their children into harms way for nothing more than bad publicity against Israel.

g. The Palestinians are NOT interested in a two state solution. They want it ALL. They hate the Jewish people and want them out. They don’t recognize their claim to that area, even though it has been their land for more than 3000 years.

h. To say the Western Wall (one of the most holy sites for the Jewish people) belongs to Palestine would be the equivalent of saying Mecca really belongs to the Christians. It’s stupid. Secretary Kerry– you are either ignoring history or you’re simply ignorant of it.

i. The Palestinians (and radical Islamics for that matter) will continue to play “peaceful” at the negotiation tables until they get everything they want and then they will do what they’ve ALWAYS done– take over with martial law (or Sharia in the Muslim case). Secretary Kerry actually said “Israel can be a Jewish state or a Democratic state but it cannot be both.” Yes, he said it. That is probably the most overt anti-Jewish statement I’ve ever heard come from an American leader. If that was said about a Muslim, sharia controlled country the outcry of “hate” and “bigotry” would be deafening. But because it’s against the Jewish people, we hear silence.

j. Lastly, show me one place in a Palestinian controlled area or any radical Islamic country where ANY other religion is allowed to practice freely. Show me ONE place in the ENTIRE Middle East all religions are allowed to FREELY practice their religion. There is ONLY ONE: ISRAEL. That’s right. The supposed “oppressive Zionists” allow Jews, Christians, and Muslims to all freely practice their religion in their borders. Take away the Jewish state, and that will be the first thing to go: religious freedom. But perhaps that’s what this administration was after all along.

There will be NO peace in Israel until the return of Jesus. In the meantime, I stand where by Bible tells me to– with ISRAEL. PERIOD. Mr. Kerry– it’s time for you (thankfully) to leave office in less than a month. I pray the damage you and your cohorts have done in the last several years will be undone and the United States will once again have the close and abiding friendship with Israel.

Last of all, Happy Chanukah to my Jewish friends. May God bless you and may God bless Israel.

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