Starbucks and Christmas

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Starbucks and Christmas


Ok, I wasn’t going to comment on Starbucks and Christmas and the whole coffee cup thing but I am now.

Here’s what I’ve personally observed:

  1. I have yet to hear one of my friends tell me that they’re upset by this whole issue.
  2. I have 5000 friends on Facebook. Not one of them has posted anything saying they’re upset at Starbucks for not having little snowflakes and Christmas trees printed on their cups.
  3. My understanding is some guy in Arizona posted something about this as if it were some clandestine attempt by Starbucks to steal Christmas just like the Grinch. (I just realized! There’s green on those cups too? Coincidence??)

Now my analysis:

First of all I think the media is blowing this thing up to create some sort of controversy and create internet traffic and make money. Again, nobody I know or have come into contact with online or in person has a problem with red Starbucks cups. Typical of our media today, they take one person’s opinion and present it as a mainstream view in an effort to stir the pot.

Now to anyone who does care about it:

OH MY GOSH! Really?! Are we REALLY talking about this? Is this the most serious thing facing Christianity: the color of a cup of coffee at Starbucks? Who cares?!! Let me just say this. It needs to be said to everybody on both sides: If you’re looking for a corporation, restaurant, or any other place of business to represent Christ, you’re looking in the wrong place. No business has an obligation to represent Christ. If the owners are Christians they have an obligation to run their business in a way that honors Christ and… if you’re a Christian, guess what? It’s our job to BE Christ! WE represent Christ. That’s right. You and me. And while Christians can be in business and make an impact for the Lord, it isn’t the business’ job to do that. It’s individuals. It’s US.

I used to be offended when people didn’t say “Merry Christmas.” Not anymore. If they want to say it, great, if not, fine. I have yet to hear of one person whose life was radically changed by somebody shoving “Merry Christmas” down their throat. If somebody wishes me “Happy Holidays” I smile back and say “thank you.” Shoot, with the way things are today in stores you can start wishing people “Happy Hallothanksmas” the first week of October.

People keep talking about putting “Christ” back in “Christmas.” How about we start by putting “Christ” back in “Christian”? If we truly did that, these other things would become non-issues. I mean, seriously? There are people who have never heard the Name of Jesus in our world (including people next door to us). There are people who are hurting and suicidal. There are people who are starving to death. There are Christians in chains and prisons because they will not renounce their faith in Christ. There are Christians today who are being beaten, beheaded, and shot for claiming the Name of Jesus. And we’re bickering over the color of coffee cups and whining because Starbucks “doesn’t celebrate Christmas like we think they should!”?

This season, instead of worrying about businesses and people who choose to observe the holidays without Jesus, how about we make a concerted effort to BE Jesus in our private and public lives? How about we practice the art of loving people like Jesus does? How about we do some random acts of kindness in Jesus’ Name and when people ask, “Why?!” we simply reply, “Because Jesus loves me, I wanted to do something loving for you.”? That could possibly change somebody’s life. That might actually create curiosity in a non-believer to want to know more about a God who actually loves people like that and open a door to share and just maybe… their life will be changed forever!

And if you feel you simply cannot do that then please do everybody else a favor. Have an overpriced cup of coffee or some chicken nuggets or a coke or a smoothie and then… shut up.