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Every single thing I’ve learned in my life and every time I’ve moved to a new level of success has been due to the influence of a powerful mentor. Good mentors make all the difference in our lives

Ken Hartley

Ken owes his success in life to his mentors, and he wants to pass that knowledge along to you. He books mentorship sessions in groups of 10. Just click below for pricing and booking and we will be in touch with you.


What Clients Say

Ken will listen to you.  He will stretch you until you are uncomfortable, and then he will build you up and equip you to succeed.  What you perceive internally as a weakness will soon be seen externally as a strength from everyone else. Your success will depend entirely on how committed you are to investing into Ken’s God-given wisdom and experience that he will soon pour into you. I can’t thank him enough for his mentorship.

Scott Norton

Metro Services

Ken helped me uplevel my leadership in every area. He empowered me to "speak the language" and understand personality styles different from my own.  My communication with my manager improved dramatically, resulting in a much stronger professional relationship and an improved work environment. This resulted in a major promotion as well as a large pay increase for my family.  I am beyond grateful for Ken’s mentorship.

Toby Downs

Sr. Compliance Manager 

I have grown tremendously under his leadership and development, and I am incredibly grateful!  Thanks to Ken, the sleeping giant of being a lifelong learner is awake to sleep no more!  I couldn't be more excited about my future as well as fulfilling dreams! Thank you, Ken Hartley!

-Angela Bley

Unum Provident Insurance