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The Illusions of Ken

For over 30 years Ken has been entertaining and amazing people with his illusions.

I help you look past what you currently see into what you cannot yet see until that becomes your new reality.

professional. inspirational. entertaining. transformational.

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About Ken Hartley

Ken Hartley is an inspirational speaker, an accomplished singer, a talented illusionist, a skilled actor, a bestselling author, a gifted teacher, and a transformation agent.

He has been a singer and actor on stage and screen since he was five years old. He has also performed as a professional illusionist all over the world, has authored several books, and has released two solo CDs. He is CSP® (Certified Speaking Professional) with the National Speaker's Association, a Certified Speaker and Leader with The John Maxwell Team as well as an Certified and recognized expert in the DISC Model of Human Behavior.

“The illusions were very entertaining but the leadership content was spot on and really drove our message home.”

Joe Krivelow

National Marketing Director, Health Solutions Team

As an inspirational speaker, he has shared the stage with speakers like General Colin Powell, James Smith, Dr. Delatorro McNeal, Nick Vujicic, Terry Bradshaw, Zig Ziglar, Governor Mike Huckabee, and Dr. John C. Maxwell. His skills have also been featured on television networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, TBN, Daystar, and INSP. He loves to encourage and challenge people to overcome limiting obstacles and step into their God-given destinies. He is considered by his peers and clients to be a master speaker and communication expert. His presentations are often described as entertaining, engaging, and transformational. Ken likes to call it "edutainment"!

Ken has over 30 years of full-time experience in leadership in various organizations across the United States ranging in size from 90 to 13,000 and brings those skills, plus his years of training in leadership and communication to organizations as a transformation agent to effect change and help individuals and organizations grow into who they are supposed to be.

When he is not traveling and speaking, he enjoys good movies, playing pool, visiting new places, cooking on his Big Green Egg, and most of all, his family.

Talk Topics

Leadership Illusions

How to know what a real leader is and overcome the obstacles that hold us back.

We live in a world that says if you can’t see it, it isn’t real. Ken blows that philosophy out of the water visually with some mind-blowing illusions and educationally with some extremely powerful leadership lessons.

This presentation combines the truths of leadership with some entertaining illusions from Ken’s illusion show that he’s been doing for the last 30 years. Once you know the truth, you’ll never believe the lies again.

This experience is high entertainment and *high impact*!

Leading Yourself

Overcoming When You’re Overwhelmed

The toughest person you’ll ever lead is yourself. In this poignant and engaging workshop, Ken will give you specific and actionable steps to overcome obstacles that have held you back and move into the life you’ve always wanted.

Connecting for Maximum Productivity

Connect With Yourself And With Others Like Never Before And Watch Your Productivity Go Through The Roof!

The number one thing that holds organizations back is a lack of communication. Everyone is talking, but very few people actually connect. Drawing from his Amazon best-selling book, DISCover Your Team’s Potential, using the DISC model of human behavior, as well as some jaw- dropping illusions, Ken will show everyone how to understand themselves in a way they never have before. 


What Clients Say

In the last several decades I have shared the stage with Presidents, actors, actresses, billionaires, and countless other famous people. I have spoken to millions of people in hundreds of conferences. I know speaking ability when I see it. Ken is not only a master illusionist, he is also a master speaker and can customize any topic or theme to any specification.

He has done numerous shows for our corporate retreats where people pay thousands to attend and he consistently is ranked at the top of our speakers. He mesmerizes, astonishes, exceeds expectations, and blows the audience away! He is a must have talent when excellence is a requirement. He is a guaranteed standing ovation. I highly recommend Ken Hartley to any organization. We will continue to use his many abilities every chance we get.

James Smith

Entrepreneur and Speaker

Ken Hartley is one of the most gifted and versatile people I’ve worked with. I’ve heard him sing and he moved people to tears. I’ve watched him dazzle crowds with his professional magic skills that I’m still trying to figure out. I’ve seen him lead praise and worship services in front of dozens and in front of thousands. I’ve marveled at his ability to have a crowd laughing out loud and then have them quiet as a wake as he taught leadership principles at conferences.

Churches, corporate gatherings, and special occasions are just a few of the venues where he excels. Above all, he is a humble servant and there isn’t a diva bone in his body. He is a delight to be with and I love what he does, but I even more than that… I love who he IS.”

Mike Huckabee

Former Governor of Arkansas,
Host of Huckabee on TVN

If you need a professional, engaging, and motivational speaker, then you need to call Ken Hartley. I’ve hosted many events, and Ken has by far been one the best I've worked with!

The last two events I hosted were for two large groups—one at an arena and the other for 13,000 high school students that was live-streamed to over 450 schools across the USA. Having a speaker that can engage, entertain, and captivate large crowds is essential. He had the audience on the edge of their seats—from professionals at the arena to high school students— he was engaging until the end.

Ken Hartley is a true professional who was easy to work with and produced great results for my events. I will definitely book him again and you should too!

Marie Cosgrove

Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Radio Host on 44 AM/FM stations throughout the USA and Internationally

Ken uses a unique and talented mix of entertainment and education to provide an enthusiastically excellent message that enhances the educational experience for his audiences. He tailors his work for maximum impact. Our Executive Leadership Team at the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation have rated his training as the best they have received.

David B. Rausch

Director, TBI