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The Illusions of Ken Hartley

For over 30 years Ken has been entertaining and amazing people with his illusions. He would love to bring this show to you and your organization.

Ken specializes in shows for special events, banquets, and corporate entertainment. To see about having him at your next event, just click the button below.

some crazy times

Ken has done some crazy things through the years. Here is a video showcasing some footage from those crazy moments including some from his stage show throughout the years.

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what others are saying about ken's illusions shows

It is 48 hours after the event you did with our leaders and my mouth is still in AWE of what you did for Bellevue. The reoccurring questions/comments that I get from those who attended the event were, “HOW DID HE DO THAT?” “HE WAS INCREDIBLE” and “WHEN CAN WE HAVE HIM BACK?!” Beyond the fabulous entertainment Ken ministered to me and our staff beyond what they would ever expect at a program featuring an illusionist. I do stand in AWE of your talent but I walked away more so with how big your heart is and how much you love the Lord. We will have you back and I have become one of your biggest fans.

Phil Newberry

Campus Pastor
Bellevue Baptist Church
Arlington, TN

Ken’s commitment to excellence has been an inspiration to me and to thousands of people who have seen his performances. After consulting with him on several effects I was proud to see the professionalism and respect he would bring to anything he decided to master. It’ll be exciting to see what astonishing things will happen next!

Michael Ammar

3 Time World Champion of Magic

When I first thought about having Ken present at our programs where clients pay from $10000 to $20,000 per seat, I was unsure of how an illusion show would effectively tie into a series of financial seminars. I was blown away at how much substance he was able to bring. Ken was able to incorporate the principles that we were discussing each day into his act, giving exciting, visual metaphors for what people should and should not do in their investing lives. The audience responded so well to Ken at the first two events that we moved him to a keynote spot, positioning an entire week long conference around his presentation. I personally recommend him to anyone who is looking to bring excitement, enthusiasm and substance to their next event!

Justin Smith

The Coaching Company

Through the years my good friend, Ken Hartley, has perfected one of the most spectacular and effective stage presentations, using the theatrical art of illusion to present the reality of Christ. Don’t miss this opportunity to see this outstanding program of entertainment and inspiration as you experience illusions and reality presented in this captivating performance!

Andre Kole

Creative Consultant to David Copperfield, Lance Burton, and Siegfried and Roy

Ken Hartley has perfected many mind bending tricks that cause audiences to wonder and marvel. He has a compelling personality that immediately connects with all kinds of people. He is committed to excellence in all that he does.

Joe Sanders

Pastor, The Sanctuary
Sugarland, TX

The laughter was joyous, the magic was performed to perfection, and the audience was totally spellbound. As a lifelong professional magician, & founder and President of the World Alliance of Magicians, I can speak to the competency of Ken Hartley magic-wise and entertainment-wise. I am happy to recommend him in the highest possible terms.

Walter "Zaney" Blaney

Past President
World Alliance of Magicians

Ken Hartley carries the joy of the Lord across his face! His wisdom and insight draws me in to listen and learn. It’s rare for one person to have incredible vocal skills AND speaking skills. Ken has both and never disappoints.

Chonda Pierce

Best-selling Comedienne of all time

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