James Smith
World Renowned Motivational Speaker and Real Estate Investor
James Smith

In the last several decades I have shared the stage with Presidents, actors, actresses, billionaires, and countless other famous people. I have spoken to millions of people in hundreds of conferences. I know speaking ability when I see it. Ken is not only a Master Illusionist, but he is a master speaker and customize any topic or theme to any specification. He has done numerous shows for our corporate retreats where people pay thousands to attend and he consistently is ranked at top of our speakers. He mesmerizes, astonishes, exceeds expectations, and blows the audience away! He is a must have talent when excellence is a requirement. He is a guaranteed standing ovation. I highly recommend Ken Hartley to any organization. We will continue to use his many abilities every chance we get.

Vince Dean
State Representative Tennessee

Thank you so much for you the fantastic illusion show! It was absolutely as good or better than any I have ever seen! We saw it twice and still couldn’t figure it out!

Carl Munn
Owner, Munn Heating and Electric

Fruitland Park, FL

I highly recommend Ken Hartley to any company or organization. He is a gifted communicator with a tremendous message and I promise: You’ll leave amazed

Justin Smith
The Coaching Company

When I first thought about having Ken present at our programs where clients pay from $3000-$10,000 per event, I was unsure of how an illusion show would effectively tie into a series of financial seminars. I was blown away at how much substance Ken was able to bring. He was able to incorporate the principles that we were discussing each day into his act, giving exciting, visual metaphors for what people should and should not do in their investing lives.

The audience responded so well to Ken at the first two events that we moved him to a keynote spot, positioning an entire week long conference around his presentation. I personally recommend him to anyone who is looking to bring excitement, enthusiasm and substance to their next event!